A 300-seat auditorium with a 15-foot high video wall can be used for student presentations, hackathons and TED-style talks across the school. In a recent pilot study, children completed kinesthetic, mixed-reality coding exercises alongside a curious robot tutor. You can learn more about which courses transfer to USC here. Students must declare CS at the time of application. See a sample transfer plan for all engineering majors (excluding Electrical & Computer Engineering and Computer Science), See a sample transfer plan for Computer Science Majors, See a sample transfer plan for Electrical & Computer Engineering Majors, (Excluding Electrical & Computer Engineering and Computer Science). Some majors, like Communication, accept applications only once per semester, and not in the summer. The program is designed to provide both an academic and professional orientation. That is fine. You are choosing to leave the current path that you are on and the degree requirements that you started, for a new path and set of degree requirements. The Computer Science major at USC provides a well-rounded Computer Science education. For more information visit theminor program requirements. In the new building, Professor Kuhn and his students could quickly come to my lab to experiment with these sensors and vice versa, said Shahabi. No. We know that people are unique and we appreciate the wide variety of paths students take to become Trojan Engineers. Please note that applicants to the 2023-2024 academic year are not required to submit SAT or ACT scores, although you may still submit scores if you wish. Please see the 2nd Bachelors page for more information. General admission requirements for the undergraduate program are the same as those of the university and the USC Viterbi School of Engineering and include 3 to 5 units of mathematics and one unit of science (biology, chemistry or physics) together with satisfactory scores on the Scholastic Aptitude Test and Achievement Tests. Me and my robot from Computer Science 101. There has never been a more exciting time to study computer science and we have four degree programs and a minor to help students explore all this dynamic and challenging discipline has to offer. Apply to USC using the Common Application. Below, you will find a list of requirements to apply to transfer to USC Viterbi. Other courses may be applicable; please see an adviser for approval. A grade of C (2.0) or better is required for each of the core computer science courses: CSCI 102, CSCI 103, CSCI 170, CSCI 104 and CSCI 201. In this section, you will find our articulation histories and agreements with other universities. Is there an opportunity to re-apply? USC Undergraduate Education3601 Trousdale Parkway, STU 300Los Angeles, CA 90089-0896Tel: 213-740-1741Fax: 213-740-9757, Transfer Student ResourcesSupport and Resources for Transfer StudentsTransfer Student Soul Search, Academic Exploration AdvisingSupport and Resources for Exploratory Students, 2023 University of Southern California | Please visit the section on, Yes. Since its creation in 1968, USC's Department of Computer Science, in close collaboration with the Information Sciences Institute and the Institute for Creative Technologies, has made invaluable contributions to fundamental areas of computing, including artificial intelligence, natural language processing, cryptography, internet technology . If you did not take any, this will have no impact on your chances of being admitted. Some, like Animation & Digital Arts, accept only one time per year. You can find those in Step 2 below. At USC, we have a department dedicated to determining which classes taught at other schools transfer for credit (or articulate) at USC. Graduates apply the computational and analytical approaches of computer science to their chosen professions. Acquire and apply new knowledge as needed, using appropriate learning strategies. USC only accepts applications for the fall semester. Purpose-built labs will be equipped with professional grade equipment for testing and prototyping, including significant space dedicated to robotics labs and an awe-inspiring 25-foot-deep aerial robotics flight area, where researchers and students will develop and test flying robots, including nearly invincible drones that could be the future of disaster relief. And, even if you have a lot of units completed, you will still need to complete 64 units of coursework at USC to receive a degree from USC. If you went to a California Community College, use this articulation history. Contact us directly for further advisement if you have completed PHYS 151 and PHYS 153L. With that being said, our articulation department will have the department review the course you took and determine if it is equivalent to a course at USC after you submit your commitment deposit to USC. The degree cannot also be combined as an additional major in either computer science or business administration. For Groechel, the labs open plan nature will break down walls, both physical and metaphorical. Below, you will find programming courses which have a placement exam and/or accept AP credit. Explore Academic ProgramsComputer Science and Business AdministrationThe combined Bachelor of Science degree program in computer science/business administration offers qualified students the opportunity to gain an educational foundation in both areas. Apply computer science theory and software development fundamentals to produce computing-based solutions. You can look up a a sample four-year course plan for your USC major by selecting your intended academic discipline and then clicking the Curriculum button. Apply before March 1st (in spring semesters only) Advertising. Part II: These are all the courses which are considered equivalent to USC courses. The equivalent of WRIT 130/WRIT 150 (Required). This will give you the USC course codes youll need when youre looking up equivalent courses at your current school. You can transfer up to 64 units to USC. An articulation history is a list of classes at a particular school which have historically transferred for credit at USC. *Equivalent college course required. Build a transfer plan for your Fall and Spring semesters to satisfy admission requirementsand maximize the number of transferable courses. Placement Exam Option: Students with a semester-length intro course in C++ are strong candidates for this placement exam. If you have a question, scroll down to see a list of our most frequently asked questions about requirements and guidelines. No. The minimum grade qualifier is a B or higher. Only three years ago, in May 2018 they made their first gift to USC to support the USC Institute for Biomedical Therapeutics, an outgrowth of the Engineering Research Center on BioMimetic Electronic Systems, directed by University Professor Mark Humayun. The Electrical and Computer Engineering Masters Programs at USC is one of the largest in the country. The application requirements are also the same for all majors. Take the equivalent of WRIT 130/WRIT 150 (Writing & Critical Reasoning). Take the equivalent to WRIT 130/WRIT 150 (Writing & Critical Reasoning). Changing Engineering Majors. Its so exciting and a privilege for Lady Charlotte and I to be involved in this great adventure., Celebrating Excellence, Innovation and Longevity, 34 new hires, including the new biomedical engineering chair, join for fall and spring semesters, Bistra Dilkina Appointed as Dr. Allen and Charlotte Ginsburg Early Career Chair, Topping Off Ceremony Marks Milestone in New Computer Science Building, 8 USC Viterbi Faculty Receive NSF CAREER Awards, Viterbi K-12 STEM Outreach: From Molecular Modeling to Addressing Social Problems Using AI to Fighting Hate Speech, Mork Family Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, Sonny Astani Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Daniel J. Epstein Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Systems Architecting and Engineering Program, Departments and Major Research Institutes, Alfred E. Mann Department of Biomedical Engineering, Institute for Creative Technologies (ICT), Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Coulter Translational Research Partnership Program, Viterbi Student Innovation Institute (VSI2), USC Computer Scientists Are Tackling Dental Health and Birth Defects, AI for Good: ShowCAIS Event Highlights the Power of AI to Make a Difference, Two USC Computer Science Juniors Awarded Goldwater Scholarships, Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical Engineering, Student Resources for Undergraduate Research. The duo is working on a number of health-related projects, including wearables to help people with cancer get the right treatment. General admission requirements for the undergraduate program are the same as those of the university and the USC Viterbi School of Engineering and include 3 to 5 units of mathematics and one unit of science (biology, chemistry or physics). SAT or ACT Scores (only from some students). You have met the application deadline if you submit the Common App by Feb 15th. Do you want to stay connected with the Viterbi Office of Admission? GEs are not required for admission, and will not impact your admission chances. (at least three courses for a minimum of 12 units). For engineering majors, the three courses are generally consist of an engineering, a science, and a at least calculus II (MATH 126 or 129). Please view the Quick FAQ section below before viewing the articulation history/agreement with your school(s). You should avoid courses which are listed in Part III if they are not also listed in Parts I or II. That being said, please get your transcripts to us as soon as possible, because we cannot review your application until we get them! Student who do not attend a 3+2 partner school can apply to transfer through our regular transfer admission process. For example, if your intended major is computer science, and already took Calc II, take Calc III. We accept a number of 2nd bachelors degree students every year. 2023 USC Viterbi | Undergraduate Admission. B.S. Design, implement, and evaluate a computing-based solution to meet a given set of computing requirements in the context of the programs discipline. *You have satisfied the science requirement for Computer Science/Business Administration (PHYS 151L or CHEM 105aL or BISC 120L) if you scored: *If you have satisfied PHYS 151L or CHEM 105aL or BISC 120L, contact us directly for a course recommendation. You can find those in Step 2 below. Placement Exam Option: Students with some programming exposure in any of the following languages are welcome to take the exam: C/C++, Java(script), or Python. You are unlikely to find engineering courses in Part II, but if you are a computer science student, you may want to visit our programming page to see if any programming classes youve taken will prepare you for our placement exams. Supporting documents such as official transcripts can be submitted soon after the deadline. For example, if you took Art 100 at your current school, and Art 100 is listed underneath Category A: The Arts, this means it fulfills one course requirement for Category A. Darla Moore School of Business. Located adjacent to two existing buildings, the Ray Irani Hall for Molecular and Computational Biology and the Michelson Hall for Convergent Bioscience, the Ginsburg Human-Centered Computation Hall will create a powerful trifecta, reflecting the dynamic connections between computing and medicine, health technology and biology. This is typically the second course in your college or universitys English composition sequence. For computer science majors, the three courses must be CSCI 103, CSCI 170, and at least calculus II (MATH 126 or 129). If there is no additional info beyond what is provided in the institutions "Prerequisites" page, links for "Prerequisites" and "More Info" are identical. Dr. Allen and Charlotte Ginsburg. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, https://cs.illinois.edu/admissions/undergraduate/transfer-students. Plans for the seven-story building, located in USCs southwest quadrant of campus, include faculty offices, research labs and a departmental administrative and student services suite. Some require prerequisite courses, and Read More Declaring a Major **Computer science students may also take programming courses instead of, or in addition to, lab-based science courses before applying to transfer. earned credit/grades which are posted to your degree audit) for MATH 220 or 221, 231; Sets, functions, series. Computer science applicants will encounter universities with greatly differing program-specific admissions policies. Aerospace, Astronautical, Civil, Civil (Building Science), Civil (Structural), Mechanical (all degree programs), and Industrial & Systems Engineering (all degree programs) majors: Consider taking the equivalent to PHYS 151L, 152L, or 153L. *Note that computer science students may also take programming courses instead of, or in addition to, lab-based science courses before applying to transfer to USC. Our averages are just thataverages. Minimum Progress- Indicates the minimum number of credits, semesters, or quarters needed to transfer into a computer science major. By housing computer science at USC, the new building will benefit generations of computer scientists and engineers, researchers, scholars and students who will have a new place to call home. This is typically the second course in your college or universitys English composition sequence. No. So, if you dont see your school on the list, it just means we havent yet had a student transfer to USC with that particular class from that particular school on their transcript. Check our articulation histories (a list of courses which have transferred to USC in the past) in Step 3. You can still apply even if you havent taken two semesters of a lab based science. If you started college before Fall 2015, set your effective period as Spring 2015. You can email them at viterbi.studentservices@usc.edu. There is no minimum GPA required to apply. CS offered in both the College of Engineering and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Print Degree Planner (opens a new window), WRIT 150 Writing and Critical ReasoningThematic Approaches, MATH 129 Calculus II for Engineers and Scientists, MATH 225 Linear Algebra and Linear Differential Equations, MATH 229 Calculus III for Engineers and Scientists, EE 364 Introduction to Probability and Statistics for Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, BISC 120Lg General Biology: Organismal Biology and Evolution, BISC 220Lg General Biology: Cell Biology and Physiology, BISC 121Lg Advanced General Biology: Organismal Biology and Evolution, BISC 221Lg Advanced General Biology: Cell Biology and Physiology, PHYS 151Lg Fundamentals of Physics I: Mechanics and Thermodynamics, PHYS 152L Fundamentals of Physics II: Electricity and Magnetism, PHYS 161Lg Advanced Principles of Physics I, PHYS 162L Advanced Principles of Physics II, CSCI 104L Data Structures and Object Oriented Design, CSCI 109 Introduction to Computer Science, CSCI 170 Discrete Methods in Computer Science, CSCI 201L Principles of Software Development, CSCI 270 Introduction to Algorithms and Theory of Computing, CSCI 350 Introduction to Operating Systems, CSCI 356 Introduction to Computer Systems, CSCI 360 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, CSCI 401 Capstone: Design and Construction of Large Software Systems, CSCI 404 Capstone: Creating Your High-Tech Startup, CSCI 423 Native Console Multiplayer Game Development, CSCI 430 Introduction to Computer and Network Security, CSCI 459 Computer Systems and Applications Modeling Fundamentals, CSCI 476 Cryptography: Secure Communication and Computation, EE 451 Parallel and Distributed Computation, EE 459Lx Embedded Systems Design Laboratory, ENGR 395ax Cooperative Education Work Experience, ENGR 395bx Cooperative Education Work Experience, ENGR 395cx Cooperative Education Work Experience, ITP 368 Programming Graphical User Interfaces, Acalog Academic Catalog Management System (ACMS). No. Function effectively as a member or leader of a team engaged in activities appropriate to the programs discipline. To do this you will . It leads to a Bachelor of Science degree in the Viterbi School of Engineering. Take the equivalent to 1 of the following courses: If your colleges articulation history/agreement requires more than one course to fulfill the equivalent of CHEM 105aL, BISC 120L, or PHYS 151L, please take the next course in that particular sequence following your fall course. 4 or 5 on the AP Physics C (Mechanics) or Physics C (Electricity & Magnetism) exam or a 6 or 7 on the Physics IB HL Exam, 4 or 5 on the AP Chemistry exam or a 6 or 7 on the Chemistry IB HL Exam, 4 or 5 on the AP Biology exam or a 6 or 7 on the Biology IB HL Exam. If you have AP credit, consider taking the equivalent of PHYS 153L. Please note that applicants to the 2023-2024 academic year are not required to submit SAT or ACT scores, although you may still submit scores if you wish. CS offered in the College of Engineering; CS & Statistics, CS & Mathematics, and CS + "X" majors offered in Liberal Arts and Sciences. To find out which courses are likely to transfer from your current school, visit our the Transferable Courses section above. Take 1 course from GE Categories A, B, or C. Take the 2nd course in your math sequence (See Fall Math Recommendations). All information contained here is summarized from the USC Catalogue and is considered non-official. You can email them at. Take the equivalent to satisfy PHYS 152L. Not sure if your current institution has an equivalent class? Students must meet the admission requirements for both the Computer Science department and the Marshall School of Business. Javascript is currently not supported, or is disabled by this browser. Students who do not satisfy the degree requirement after repeating a class will be disqualified from the program. See, 30-32 transferable semester units per academic year (45-48 quarter units; one semester equals 1.5 quarter units). Part III: These are all the courses which will transfer for some form of credit at USC. Some majors, like Sociology, allow you to declare any time of year. For each college or university term (excluding summer) in which you were enrolled in less than four semester-unit courses or three quarter-unit courses, please provide a brief explanation as to why you were unable to enroll full time. USC only has these agreements with California Community Colleges. To find out which courses are likely to transfer from your current school, visit our the, No. To waive this course, you will need to have taken a course which is equivalent to MATH-125. Please see our 3+2 page for a guide to the 3+2 program. **If you are unable to take the equivalent to Math 225 at your current institution, you may take the equivalent to USCs Math 245. Math, science, and GE courses, on the other hand, are much more likely to transfer over. **Computer science students may take programming courses instead of, or in addition to, lab-based science courses before applying to transfer to USC. When you send documents to USC they are uploaded into your file and all offices can view your file/the documents you sent. That depends on a lot of factors. ISE MAJORS ONLY: after MATH 226 (Calculus III), take MATH 225 (Linear Algebra). Departmental approval is required in order to retake a course. Change of Major Deadline. If you dont find your class on the articulation history, dont panic. This is where transfer plans come into play. Other courses may be applicable; please see an adviser for approval. Graduates will successfully engage in life-long learning to continue to be contributing members of their communities in fields within and outside the traditional scope of computer engineering. If youve been researching various programs before deciding on a major, you may have already come across information about any requirements or prerequisites to join the major. This is because only the courses in Part II are considered equivalent to a course at USC. Each application cycle may have only a limited number of places available, and the competitiveness of the major depends on how many students apply. If you were admitted to another major at USC, but wanted to major in engineering, this page is for you. Flexible collaboration and study spaces are threaded throughout the building, giving students the option to brainstorm on their own or with classmates. No. Some competitive majors admit students only once per semester. Candidates must complete general education requirements; see theGeneral EducationProgram. Over the years, the Articulation Department has compiled lists of courses from other universities that have transferred to USC for credit in the past. The only guarantee we can give is that you cant be admitted if you dont apply! BISC 120L in the fall, take the equivalent to BISC 220L this semester. Once you know which major you want to declare, here is what to do: The catalog list of Undergraduate Majors links to the admission and graduation requirements for every major USC offers. We envision students with beautiful minds in this building challenged to make our planet solve the complex circumstances of the future. Arch. ***Satisfies General Education requirement. Privacy Notice | Yes, you can switch into CS/CE at Cal Poly! You can also link to a personal website there if you wish. molly-2016 March 29, 2016. Here is a quick breakdown of the four parts of an articulation history/agreement: Part I: These are all the General Education (GE) courses which will transfer for credit at USC and waive a course in a USC GE category. If you have anything else you want us to see, please take advantage of the Additional Information section of the Common App. Here is a step-by-step guide to help keep you informed of everything you need to know to switch your major to engineering. If you are already a current student at USC and you want to change your major to engineering, you will need to work directly with the academic advisers in the Viterbi Admission & Student Affairs Office. A cumulative grade point average of C (2.0) is required for all courses taken at USC as well as all upper division courses applied toward the major, regardless of the department in which the courses are taken. No. Innovative and invaluableuse this book as your college lifeline., -Lynn O'Shaughnessy, Nationally Recognized College Expert, https://scai.engineering.asu.edu/computer-science-bs/degree-requirements/, https://engineering.asu.edu/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/Admissions-req-2021-2022-Updated-8.23.21.pdf, https://www.bu.edu/academics/cas/policies/declaring-changing-major-minor/, https://www.bu.edu/admissions/why-bu/academics/majors/undecided/, https://cs.brown.edu/degrees/undergrad/concentrating-in-cs/concentration-requirements-2020/new-scb-requirements/, https://cs.brown.edu/degrees/undergrad/concentrating-in-cs/concentration-requirements-2020/declaring-the-concentration/. This is typically the second course in your college or universitys English composition sequence. For highly competitive majors, such as Journalism or Cinematic Arts Film and Television Production, and for majors with strict admission requirements, such as Business Administration or Communication, it is a good idea to have a back up plan (an alternate major choice) in case you do not get admitted to these more impacted programs. Graduates of the Computer Engineering and Computer Science program are expected to attain the following educational objectives within a few years of graduation: The goal of the BS in Computer Science Games program is to graduate students with a solid grounding in computer science and a cross-disciplinary background in game development. If you are admitted to one of our programs, you are admitted to all of our programs. The procedure for declaring your major at USC varies according to department or school requirements. The most common question we get is: Which courses should I take before I transfer? We review each student based on the courses they have completed, not the school they are attending. He noted that the building will position USC as the gold standard for research and education in engineering, biology, medicine and technology. 3.25 USC GPA, C or better in MATH 122/141 and 15 USC credit hours. https://www.hmc.edu/registrar/planning-your-major/declaring-major/, https://luddy.indiana.edu/admissions/apply/change-declare-major.html, https://e-catalogue.jhu.edu/engineering/full-time-residential-programs/degree-programs/computer-science/computer-science-bs/#text, https://e-catalogue.jhu.edu/arts-sciences/full-time-residential-programs/undergraduate-policies/academic-policies/requirements-for-a-bachelors-degree/#majorsminorstext, https://www.eecs.mit.edu/academics/undergraduate-programs/curriculum/, https://registrar.mit.edu/registration-academics/academic-requirements/majors-minors/changing-major, https://cs.nyu.edu/home/undergrad/major_programs.html, https://cs.nyu.edu/home/undergrad/declaring.html, North Carolina State University at Raleigh, https://www.engr.ncsu.edu/academics/undergrad/coda/, https://studentservices.ncsu.edu/your-degree/coda-home/coda/, https://www.khoury.northeastern.edu/information-for-overview/current-undergrad/undergraduate-advising-academic-support/academic-procedures/, https://www.mccormick.northwestern.edu/computer-science/academics/undergraduate/bachelors/, First-year students admitted into Weinberg or McCormick can declare a CS major after enrolling, https://advising.engineering.osu.edu/change-pre-major, https://advising.engineering.osu.edu/current-students/applying-your-major, OSU offer majors in Computer Science and Engineering (College of Engineering) AND Computer and Information Science (College of Arts and Sciences), Pennsylvania State University-Main Campus, https://advising.engr.psu.edu/advising/entrance-to-major/new-reenrolling-summer-2020-or-later.aspx, https://www.registrar.psu.edu/degree-planning/change-major.cfm, https://www.cs.princeton.edu/ugrad/becoming-cs-major, https://odoc.princeton.edu/advising/how-do-i, https://catalog.purdue.edu/preview_program.php?catoid=13&poid=18330, https://www.purdue.edu/science/Current_Students/codo/index.html, https://science.rpi.edu/computer-science/programs/undergrad/bs-computerscience, https://info.rpi.edu/registrar/academic-planning, https://csweb.rice.edu/zero-coding-experience, https://oaa.rice.edu/academic-planning/majors-and-minors/deciding-your-major, https://www.rit.edu/computing/department-computer-science#prospective-students, https://www.cs.rutgers.edu/academics/undergraduate/admission-to-the-major, https://cs.stanford.edu/degrees/undergrad/Declare.shtml, https://advising.stanford.edu/current-students/advising-student-handbook/declaring-major, https://www.stonybrook.edu/commcms/ceas-undergrad/current_students/major_entry_requirements/, https://tap.tamu.edu/Change-of-Major2/Engineering, https://cns.utexas.edu/students/future/internal-transfer, https://engineering.berkeley.edu/admissions/undergraduate-admissions/change-of-college/, https://cs.ucdavis.edu/undergraduate/non-majors/changing-majors-double-majors, https://changeofmajor.uci.edu/engineering/#computer_science, https://www.seasoasa.ucla.edu/change-of-major/, https://engr-advising.ucmerced.edu/policies/declaration-major, https://bobcat-advising-center.ucmerced.edu/first-year-students/changing-major-or-declaring-minor, https://student.engr.ucr.edu/policies/major-changes, https://cse.ucsd.edu/undergraduate/cse-capped-admissions-program, https://engineering.ucsb.edu/undergraduate/academic-advising/change-major-college-engineering, https://undergrad.soe.ucsc.edu/sites/default/files/file-content-type/2021-11/CS_maj_dec_chart_2021_22.pdf, https://advising.ucsc.edu/gettingstartedinthemajor/frosh/cmps_fr.html. More Info- Links to an institutional webpage providing more detail about how current students can transfer into a computer science major. Most transfer students should expect to complete CSCI 104 at USC. For students taking MATH 126 (Calc II) or higher level > You may take the equivalent to CHEM 105aL*. Take the equivalent of WRIT 130/WRIT 150 (Writing & Critical Reasoning). Graduates successfully engage in life-long learning to continue to be contributing members of their communities in fields within and outside the traditional scope of computer science. Only courses listed in Part II are considered course-equivalent. A grade of C (2.0) or better is required for each of the core courses CSCI 103, CSCI 170, CSCI 104and CSCI 201. The minimum grade qualifier is a B or higher. But don't worry, USC advisors are going to help you along the way. Courses with a grade of C- or below must be repeated; courses may only be retaken once. USC President Carol L. Folt, Dr. Allen and Charlotte Ginsburg and USC Viterbi School of Engineering Dean Yannis Yortsos turn the soil. Keep in mind, this means you may receive elective credit for the course, but it will not waive any required course. PHYS 151L in the fall, take the equivalent to PHYS 152L this semester. CSCI 103 Introduction to Programming Early on, our families have taught us to believe that science and education are crucial in improving the human condition, said Dr. Ginsburg.